Tournament: Get5Bass Solo Series
February 25th, 2017
Lake Ouachita

Anglers: Frank Leone - 18th place - 5 bass - 9.91 pounds

No Practice


With my boat not in yet, I had to borrow one from Horizon Trike and Marine. Got to take out a Phoenix
618 and I have to tell you I was impressed with the ride... When I got everyone taken off, I decided to
head upriver. When I arrived at my starting location, a brisk northwest wind was hitting me in the face. I
started cranking a channel swing and caught two keepers at the first stop. The second stop was more
fruitful, and I was able to catch 4 more keepers pretty quickly. I decided to hit a couple more spots
before I headed down the lake. The next stop produced 3 more keepers, including a chunky 3 pounder
which turned out to be my biggest bass of the day. It was now decision time. Do I go down the lake and
throw a trap or try something else? I decided to try some main lake points with a jerkbait. I found out
pretty quick it wasn't going to work for me, so I decided to head into the South Fork. I was able to make
1 small cull and caught several short fish, but my goose was cooked.

Keeper count:

6 keepers: Jackall Muscle 7+ crankbait (Denali Lithium 7" MH Crankbait Rod)
4 keepers: Leone's Toad Jig (Dardanelle Craw): (Denali Kovert LT 7'2" Heavy Rod)
1 keeper: Chatterbait (Green Pumpkin): (Denali Kovert LT 7'2" MH Rod)
1 keeper: Carolina-rigged creature bait:(Denali Kovert LT 7'4" Carolina Rig Rod)

Final Thoughts:
Not the finish I was looking for, but a good day on the water. Caught a bunch of fish
and started to get the rust off...

See ya' on the flip side....