Tournament: Get5Bass Solo Series
March 11th, 2017
DeGray Lake

Anglers: Frank Leone - 9th place - 5 bass - 8.31 pounds

No Practice

Tournament: Having not been on DeGray since 2013, I decided to hit a "Glory Hole" where Jeremy
and I had a 3rd place finish way back in 2010. When I got everyone taken off, I headed straight up
there. I no sooner pulled out a lipless crankbait and one bumps it. A couple of tosses later, I catch a
short fish. I was able to catch my first two keepers on the lipless, but the fish didn't seem committed to
it, so I decided to dig out the carolina-rigged turd worm, aka Ring Fry. On the first cast, I catch another
keeper. Then 3 shorts in a row. Then it happened... I cast in there and one thumps the fire out of it. I
set the hook and knew I had a good one. I got her beside the boat but still couldn't see it. The fish just
kept bull dogging, made a run, and pulled off... Rats... It was early, but somehow I knew I was going to
need that one at the end of the day. I made the switch to a larger creature bait and filled out my limit
pretty quick. It was only a little after 8:00 AM and the bite at the Glory hole wore off, so I decided to hit
several other areas of the lake. I ended up only catching a "keeper here and a keeper there" the rest
of the day and never could really figure them out...

Keeper count:

4 keepers: Carolina-rigged creature bait (Denali Kovert LT 7'4" Carolina Rig Rod
2 keepers:
Carolina-rigged ring fry: (Denali Lithium 7'4" Heavy Rod)
2 keeper
s: Lipless crankbait: (Denali Kovert 7'6" crankbait Rod)
1 keeper:
Big Bite Baits Cane Stick: (Denali Lithium 7' MH Rod)
1 keeper:
Leone's Toad Jig (Dardanelle Craw): (Denali Kovert LT 7'2" Heavy Rod)

Final Thoughts:
Another mediocre finish... The big one I lost may have been a game changer
for me
. Still a little rusty...

See ya' on the flip side....