"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Vince Miller's Super Team
        March 17th, 2013
        Lake Hamilton

Anglers: Frank Leone/Terrance Narveson
             31st place - 5 bass - 6.20 pounds


March 16th :
I got up early, hooked up the new Bass Cat/Mercury and headed down to Hamilton. I
found fish biting using several techniques and presentations, but size was an issue. About 2:00 PM,
I rolled into a pocket where I have found them stacked up in the past. On the second cast I nailed a
solid 2.5 pounder on a trap. I put down the rod and headed the other direction. I knew that if we
were going to be competitive, that this would be the place......


March 17th:
Top O' the Morning To Ya'!!! St. Patrick's Day dawned warm and cloudy - Perfect for
a hot bite! When our number was called, I headed the Bass Cat towards the pocket where I nailed
the nice 2.5 pounder the day before. It was nothing doing. We spent 45 minutes in there and only
had 1 hit. Bummed, I headed to some win blown points where I had caught a couple on a Jackall
Squad Minnow in practice. Strike Two!!! Time to head upriver and hit channel swings. We got to the
1st swing and I put a 12" Kentucky in the boat. At least we were on the board. We kept on hitting
swings and we had 5 in the boat by 10:15 AM. They probably went a total of 5.5 pounds. We were
in bad need of some upgrades! We were able to cull by ounces 3 more times, but they weren't
much help. About 2:00 PM we hit a real nice wind blown point and I hooked up with a big one. We
never seen it, but it felt like a quality fish and it pulled off. Bummed, we knew our goose was

Keeper Count:

Jackall Squad Minnow 115 (Secret Shad): 7 keepers
Carolina-rigged Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog (3.5" Green Pumpkin) with Jewel Rock Weight: 1 keeper


Squad Minnow:
Lew's Tournament Pro  6.4:1 reel, Dobyns 704 CB Rod, 10 pound Sunline Super Fluorocarbon
Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog: Lew's Tournament Pro 6.4:1 reel, Dobyns Champion Extreme 744 C  
16 pound Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon

Final Thoughts:

It didn't really feel like a bomb, but "It is what it is". We caught some fish, but just didn't get a single
quality fish in the boat. Time to hit Dardanelle..........

See Ya' on the Flip Side,

Frank Leone