"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: 35th Annual Bailey's Tournament
                    April 6th, 2013
                    Lake Dardanelle

Anglers: Frank Leone
             9th place - 5 bass - 18.19 pounds

No Practice for this one

Tournament: When my number was called I shot the Bass Cat/Mercury straight downriver towards the
shallow stretch of bank where I found them loaded up last weekend. Given the cold night, it was
probably a mistake. I caught three short fish, but no keepers. On the way out, I stopped to hit a small
stretch of grass and had a small keeper eat my vibrating jig/Cane Thumper combo. It was a dink, but
hey it was a start. I decided to head out and hit a few deep channel swing banks in the Bayou. The
second stretch that I came to I was able to quickly catch 5 more keepers, including one good one on a
Jewel Jig. They were positioned in deep water and I never felt any of them bite. They were just there -
that "mushy type" of bite. After that stretch I hit another channel swing bank. I caught one about 2.5
which allowed me to cull. At this time I decided to head out of the Bayou, but I stopped at one shallow
stretch of grass that has produced for me over the years. The wind was just right on it and about half
way down it I had a strike. I thought it was just another small one at first. The fish was running towards
the boat and I boat flipped her in. It wasn't a very long fish, but one I refer to as a "Dardanelle Freak"
because it was so fat - probably a 4 or 4.25. With the sun coming out and wind picking up I decided to
play the shallow game for a while. The next two hours were totally unproductive. I decided to go back to
the jig and headed up river. I kept culling by ounces until about 1:00 PM. I got to a stretch that has
produced some toads and one thumps my jig. I thought it was a drum at first, but as soon as I seen it I
knew it was a "Head". I got her in the net (a 5.5, maybe 6) and now had momentum. They were now
thumping the jig and I felt confident that I could make the 2 culls that I needed to get into contention;
However, I was only able to make 1 more small cull the rest of the derby............

Keeper count: Jewel TJ  finesse Jig (7/16 oz.;  Missouri Craw): 12 keepers
                                 Vibrating Jig with Big Bite Cane Thumpers: 3 keepers

Jig: Lew's Tournament MG (6.4:1); Dobyns Champion Extreme DX 744 C; 16 lb. Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon Line
Vibrating Jig: Lew's Tournament Pro (6.4:1); Dobyns Savvy 704 C; 20 lb. Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon Line
Final Thoughts:
Well, last week I whined about not being able to catch one over four and I go out and
catch two over four. The problem was that I ended up weighing to 2.5 pounders. Damn the luck!!!!!!

See ya' on the flip side....

Frank Leone