"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Vince Miller's Super Team
                  April 18th, 2009
                  DeGray Lake

Anglers: Jeremy Risley and Frank Leone
          8th place - 5 bass - 13.88 pounds


April 17th:
We got to sneak in a few hours of practice on Friday. We figured out that we could
catch a few keepers on a rig, so that was our plan for the tournament. It was kind of a lackluster
practice and we weren't sure what the weather conditions would do to our pattern.


April 18th:
We started off on a main lake point and Jeremy caught the first fish of the morning on a
Zoom Fluke. It was a short, but at least we knew they were biting. A few minutes later and I
connected with our first keeper of the day on a Carolina-rigged Lake Fork Ring Fry. It was a solid
keeper and we were both glad to have one in the boat. We kind of spun our wheels for the next
hour and a half trying to figure out what was going on. It was a perfect day for the Fluke and
topwater but the fish just didn't seem interested. We finally decided the rig would be the way to go,
so we went up the lake to a couple of coves that I caught some fish in during the MBOA tournament
on DeGray 4 weeks ago. The fish were still in the coves and we went to whacking their butts!!! We
proceeded to catch eight more solid keepers by noon and were culling regularly when I noticed a
strange buzzing coming from my rod tip. Static Electricity!!! A storm was coming our way and every
time I would raise my Dobyns rod it buzzed. We started to get spooked, so we went over to a Corps
park to take shelter. By the time we beached the boat the storm was upon us!!! A lightning bolt hit
way too close for comfort so I started running towards a concrete picnic table. Literally while I was
leaping under the table, a lightning bolt strikes a giant pine tree 7 yards to my left. I had to make
sure that I was still alive and then Jeremy jumps under the table. He was about 30 yards behind me
when the pine got struck, and said that he seen pieces of bark that were on fire falling off of the
tree!!! It was a scary situation. We sat under the table until 1:00 PM and decided to hightail it to the  
lower end of the lake. By the time we got there another storm was about to hit and it was a total
down pour so we took shelter in the Iron Mountain Marina. About 2:15 it was still pouring so we
decided to head in early........

Keeper Count:

Carolina-rigged Lake Fork Ring Fry (Green Pumpkin): 8 keepers
Lucky Craft Sammy 100: 1 keeper

Final Thoughts:
I really thought we had enough to get a check, but ended up a half pound short.
Our near death experience took the competitive fire from us and we went in early. It probably cost
us a check but we were lucky to be alive.......

See ya' on the flip side,

Frank Leone