"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
"In The Boat" presented by Jewel Boat Company
Angler: Terrance Narveson
Lake Degray - Wal-Mart BFL - 04/25/09

I had no practice prior to this tournament and went off old knowledge and a few place
some friends suggested. I knew going into this day was going to be tough. My first stop
was up past Arlie Moore and my game plan was to stick with a Carolina rig most of the
day. The morning was really slow and I could not get dialed into what the fish were
looking for. I tried shallow and deep but nothing was working. We made a quick run to
another pocket and tried to fish some windy points but again no keepers. I was fortunate
to get a few short bites but that was not helping me out. I ran back down to Arlie Moore
and tried to hit a couple of points and that is when I got my first keeper. After moving
over to the other side of the point I got another. Now I felt like we had figured out
something. A quick move to another point and my co-angler Herbert Kimbrough caught
his fish a solid 4 pounder. He caught another slot fish on his next cast. Now it seemed we
had something to work with so another quick run to a point but this one was covered in
green slime and man that stuff sucks. We battled to find the transition line of where the
slime ended without being blown on the bank. This place was not working out so I
thought maybe we could find some shallow fish in the wind blown pocket close by but
that was covered in slime as well. I figured with a move back to where we started and
Herbert lost a good fish early in the morning might be worth a shot. We covered the bank
and I broke one off on the hook set. Man that is frustrating to lose a fish that way. 45
minutes to go we ran to Arllie Moore and hit the points again. The first stop produced
nothing but the second one was loaded up. I proceeded to break another fish off and
lose a good one some brush before I finally caught my third keeper. Time had caught up
with us and we made the move to this spot too late because there were fish all over it
and we couldn't catch what we needed fast enough. I brought in 7lb 14oz  and ended the
day in 40th place. Got some good points and a really good lesson on watching my line

Fish Count:
1 short - Jackall MC60 shallow
1 short - Lucky Craft RC 1.5
5 short - Carolina rig lizard

3 Keepers - Carolina rig Lizard