"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Wade Walters Benefit Tournament
                 May 5th, 2013
                 Lake Dardanelle

Anglers: Frank Leone
             3rd place - 5 bass - 17.38 pounds - $100 and prizes

No Practice for this one

Tournament: As I waited in the State Park Bay, I was amazed at the number of boats that came out
despite the weather. It was great to see, that's for sure! Anyway, I had a decision to make. Do I stay
down or go up? With all the folks from Russellville here, I decided the lower end would probably a little
congested. Decision made - When they cut us loose, I pointed the Bass Cat/Mercury upriver. I got to my
starting location and made a pass down my best stuff. I didn't even get a bite!!! I figured the cold front
had knocked them pretty hard. I decided to hit a shallower location and try for a reaction bite. Strike
Two!!! The first hour of the derby passed and I had not gotten the first bite! I decided to switch gears
and slow way down. I started pitching the Big Bite Cane Stick in front of the grass in a shallow bay. It
wasn't long before I was boat flipping the first keeper of the morning! The next hour was pretty decent
and I had 5 in the well before 9:15 AM. Unfortunately, they probably only weighed 8.5 - 9 pounds, but I
had to start somewhere. I decided to go back to the jig and it paid off. Over the next couple of hours, I
was able to cull 3 times and the ball was rolling. I just needed a big one. Well, at 11:15 it happened. I set
the hook and the giant comes right to the top. I couldn't believe my eyes! I probably looked like Iaconelli
running around the boat trying to get this fish in, but I finally got her in the net. I really thought she'd go
over 7, but she ended up weighing 6.52, narrowly missing big bass. I was pumped for sure, but knew
that I needed another big one to contend for the W. The next "big one" never bit and I was only able to
make one more good cull the rest of the day. The next obstacle was getting back to the ramp. With the
wind blowing 10 - 20 mph out of the NW, I knew there would be some rough water. The Pantera II
passed with flying colors and I made it in with about 10 minutes to spare.........

Keeper count:  Jewel TJ  finesse Jig (7/16 oz.;  Missouri Craw): 9 keepers
                                 Big Bite Baits Cane Stick (Green Pumpkin/Watermelon Red): 6 keepers

Jig: Lew's Tournament (6.4:1); Dobyns Champion Extreme DX 744 C; 16 lb. Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon Line
Cane Stick: Lew's Pro (6.4:1); Dobyns Champion 704C; 16 lb. Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon Line
Final Thoughts:
A pretty decent day on the water for a "Frigid" May day. I'm a little surprised the
weights were as low as they were, but sometimes that happens..........

See ya' on the flip side....

Frank Leone