Tournament: Get5Bass Solo Series
May 12th, 2018
Lake Dardanelle

Anglers: Frank Leone - 9th place - 5 bass - 12.31 pounds

No practice for this one...


With the recent warm spell, I was hoping the bite would pick up from last weekend. When I got everyone
taken off, I headed to an area up the Illinois Bayou. I was shocked there wasn't a soul around, as I passed
about 20 boats fishing shallow grass on the way. Within 5 minutes, I could tell the area really wasn't going
to fire. No shad in the area and the water looked stagnant...  Despite the outlook, I was able to catch a
couple of keepers swimming a jig, including a decent 2.5 pounder. I decided to go down the Bayou to an
area that usually produces this time of year. When I got there, waves were crashing through the water
willow and it turned out to be a dud. I decided to head out and fish rocks. Besides for a couple of short
Spotted Bass, stop 3 was a dud as well. I was starting to get discouraged, when I seen some pretty good
looking grass... I started throwing a buzzbait and it was on!!! Within a half hour, I had 5 in the well and was
culling. After running out of grass, I decided to check a rocky bank with a crankbait. It was a good stop
and I was able to cull once more. By now it was getting close to noon and I decided to hit some rip rap that
was loaded post spawn last year. It was nothing doing at two different locations, so back out to river rock I
went. With about an hour left, I felt pretty confident I could catch something that would cull and possibly
get me within check range... It was nothing doing and my goose was cooked...

Keeper count:

6 keepers: Black Buzzbait (Denali Kovert 6'9 MH Rod)
2 keepers: White Swim Jig (Denali Kover LT 7'2 H Rod)
1 keeper: Spro Rock Crawler 55 MD (Denali Kovert Inshore M Rod)
1 keeper: Spro Fat Papa 55 SB (Denali Lithium 7' M CB Rod)

Final Thoughts:
Not the finish I wanted, but a pretty good day of fishing. For the second week in a row, I
was one decent fish away from a check... Hopefully the big ones bite at the next one!!!

See ya' on the flip side....