"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Get5Bass Summer Series
              May 25th, 2013
              Lake Dardanelle

Anglers: Frank Leone/Jeremy Risley
          21st place - 5 bass - 12.53 pounds

No Practice for this one

Tournament: This was the first tournament Jeremy and I had fished together in almost two years and
we were both pumped to "jack some up" on a Jewel swim jig. We drew almost dead last, but when our
number was called we headed to a location that I figured would hold some shallow bass. When we got
there, there were shad everywhere and they were spawning - Too perfect!!! On my second cast, a good
fish "commode flushes" my swim jig. As I got the fish close to the boat, Jeremy swings the net, misses
the fish, and squarely connects with my rod. You guessed it, broken rod! The break really resulted from
me trying to replace a guide that I stepped on a couple years back. I overheated the rod and it had
some graphite damage. I have been expecting it to break and the "baseball swing" net job did it. Here's
a piece of advice: If you aren't Mr. Fix-it (which I am not), take your rod to Mr. "Rope" at Bass Mafia
Tackle. He will get the job done!!! Anyway, we managed to get the fish in the boat. It was a good start,
but for the amount of shad that we seen spawning, the next hour did not go as planned. We managed to
catch a limit, but we had 3 14-inchers. Not the start we were looking for. Our next stop we were able to
make several culls and things were looking up. However, the wheels started to come off. After 9:00 AM
we were "Dead Ducks" and just couldn't manage to upgrade. Still a fun day on the water, but we just
didn't make the right adjustments...........

Keeper count:  Jewel Swim-It Swim Jig (1/2 oz.;  Jewel Shad): 14 keepers
                                 Big Bite Baits Cane Stick (Green Pumpkin/Watermelon Red): 1 keeper
                                 6th Sense Crush 50-X crankbait (Custom painted): 1 keeper

Jig: Lew's Tournament (7.1:1); Dobyns Champion 734 C; 50 lb. Sunline FX Braid
Cane Stick: Lew's Pro (6.4:1); Dobyns Champion 704C; 16 lb. Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon Line
crankbait: Lew's Tournament Pro (5.4:1); Dobyns 704 CB; 14 lb. Sunline Reaction FC

Final Thoughts: Check out the results from this event. As Kevin Short would say, "This was a
butt-kicking that we will not soon forget"..... Enough Said!!!

See ya' on the flip side....

Frank Leone