Tournament: Get5Bass Summer Series
June 30th, 2019
Lake Dardanelle

Anglers: Frank Leone - 12th place - 5 bass - 11.91 pounds

Took Friday off and hit the lake for another morning session. It was brutal. Tried to get a new
pattern going, but it was to no avail. Caught 2 bass all morning.

Tournament: When I got everyone taken off, I headed to my starting location wondering if my crankbait
bite would play... It didn't take long and a solid 3-pounder chomped the Spro on short line. I was pleasantly
surprised.. Could this bite last another week? Well, not really. I caught another 2-pounder, but then
promptly lost 3 straight keepers, they just came off. I guess they weren't eating right. I hopped around to a
couple more banks and nothing. I went to location B. When I got there, it was hot and stagnant with no
wind. I new I had to get out of there, so I headed to the river. Found a few areas where they were biting
and was able to make a day of it...

Keeper count:

5 Keepers: Spro Fat John SB crankbait (Denali Lithium 7' MH CB Rod;
16-pound Sunline Crank FC)
2 Keepers: Leone's Swimhead Jig by Rope (Denali Lithium 7'4 MH; 16-pound Sunline Sniper FC)
1 Keeper: 10" Worm (Denali Lithium 7'4 H;
16-pound Sunline Sniper FC)
1 Keeper: Spro Fat Papa 55 SB crankbait (Denali Lithium 7' M CB Rod;
14-pound Sunline Crank FC)

Final Thoughts:
A decent summer day on the water. I did end up losing quite a few, but nothing that
would have got me in check range. Time to prepare for the Horizon Tournament...

See ya' on the flip side....