Tournament: Get5Bass Summer Series
July 19th, 2020
Lake Dardanelle

Anglers: Frank Leone - 4th place - 5 bass - 13.62 pounds - $120.00

No practice for this one...

Tournament: When I woke up, I was pleasantly surprised to see the COE was running 17,000 CFS out of
Ozark Dam. If there was any doubt before, there was definitely no doubt now... I was heading upriver.
When I got everyone taken off, I took the Mercury for a long ride.. Got to the first spot and quickly put a 2
and a quarter in the box. Next cast, 14-incher. Things were looking up early, but I knew when the sun came
up it was going to get tough quick. After my first stop, I hit a couple more stretches with no keeper bites.
The next stop was a little current break, and I proceeded to lose a 2-pounder on the first cast in. Second
cast and I put another 2-pounder in the boat. With 3 in the well, I was feeling pretty good about getting 5.
As I headed further upriver, I decided to hit a "Kentucky" stretch. That's when it happened. I pitched my jig
along some steep riprap and "thump". Set the hook and rolled a good 4.5 pound "head". Got her in the
boat and realized I had a pretty good shot at a check. That's always a good feeling! I headed further
upriver, and was now within site of the Dam. I stopped on a current break and realized there was no
current... SHAZBOT! The COE had shut off the flow!!! My beautiful flow!!! Gone. I tried to shake it off and
fished around the tailwater for a while without a bite. That's when I decided to head back downriver and fish
a jig in shade lines. I pointed the Mercury downriver and high tailed it 70 MPH+. On my way down, I seen a
little notch gushing water from a backwater into the river. I hit the brakes and swung in for a couple casts.
First cast in and a 3.5 pounder crushes it. Got her in the boat and I was cooking with gas. I kept fishing
shade lines downriver with no bites... That's when it should have happened. I saw a small snake swimming
along a bluff bank when a fish comes up and knocks it into the air. I fired in there and a 2.5  or 3 pounder
eats my jig. I pull the fish to the top and she comes off. At that moment I prayed the lost fish wouldn't cost
me a check....

Keeper count:

4 keepers: Spro Fat Papa 55 SB (Denali Lithium 7' M CB Rod;
14-pound Sunline Crank FC)
1 Keeper: Leone's Swimhead Jig by Rope (Denali Lithium 7'4 MH;
16-pound Sunline Sniper FC)

Final Thoughts:
A couple of good bites went a long way for me on this day. Dardanelle is brutal tough
right now and keepers are hard to come by. Hopefully we get a little flow in August, but I'm not counting on

See ya' on the flip side....