"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Vince Miller's Super Team
                     July 26th, 2009
                     Arkansas River (Dumas)

Anglers: Jeremy Risley and Frank Leone
             2nd place - 5 bass - 14.33 pounds - $1,000.00

Practice: I couldn't make it to Dumas until late Saturday, so Jeremy had to practice without me. He
located some fish in a backwater and it seemed like a pretty solid pattern. We had both fished in
the area last weekend (I fished Mr. Bass and Jeremy won his club tournament on Pool 3), so we
had a couple of other things going that might produce as well. We knew that we were going to hit
the backwater fish, but we didn't know where we were going to start. We would save that decision
for the morning.

Tournament: The mosquito's at the ramp drove me nuts again prior to take off!!! When our
number was called, we headed out without knowing where we would start. When I saw the flow out
on the river, I hollered at Jeremy that we should lock to Pool 3. He had found some schooling fish
there last weekend and they had some size to them. To my surprise, Jeremy headed upriver to the
Lock and Dam...We were pulling the chain!!! When we got through the lock, we quickly headed to
Jeremy's honey hole. When we got there the fish started to break! We were both hurling Tommy
Lee (R.I. Vixen topwater), and on my first cast towards the school I was hooked up. The fish jumped
and it looked like a keeper, but it end up being a 14-incher. The school went down quick and
Jeremy started to throw the Series 5. He connected with keepers on 3 casts in a row!!! I was so
busy netting fish and throwing them in the well that I didn't even make a cast during this blitz!!!
Anyway, things settled down and I tied on a Series 5. On my second cast, I hooked up with a
keeper. So that's 4 bass in about 15 minutes of fishing time. We were pumped, but the fish were not
giants, which was kind of disappointing. After that 4th keeper, things got really slow. We both
caught a few more shorts, but after a while we decided to pack it up and lock back to the Dumas
Pool. We headed towards Jeremy's backwater hole, hoping the fish would be there and
chompin'....And they were! Within 5 minutes, Jeremy put a solid jig fish in the boat. By now the wind
was starting to blow and storms were in the area, so Jeremy started chucking a spinnerbait. He
started catching fish left and right, but only 1 was a solid keeper. We fished the area quickly and it
started to rain "cats and dogs". The rain caught me off guard and I raced to put my rain suit on, but
I got soaked anyway. After the rain stopped, Jeremy started to chuck the worm....It was on!!! We
had just put a couple good keepers in the boat, when we approached a good looking piece of
cover. Jeremy set the hook and I ran for the net. His Hound Dog lure retriever/reel setup was
tangled in the net and He had a solid fish on. "Your hound dog is tangled in the net - Do you want
the fish or the hound dog"? I yelled. In typical Jeremy fashion, he yelled back "The hound dog"!!! I
couldn't believe it and I had to try to figure out how to net the fish and not lose the hound dog.
Somehow I figured it out and got the fish in the boat. It was a good fish about 4-pounds. It culled us
up to the 14-pound range, but we both thought we would wind up short of a check.........

Keeper Count:

Berkley Power Worm (Texas-rigged; 10"; Black/Blue): 5 keepers
Strike King Series 5 Crankbait (Sexy Shad): 4 keepers
Jewel Eakins' Jig (7/16 oz.; Black/Blue): 1 keeper
War Eagle Spinnerbait (3/8 oz.): 1 keeper

Final Thoughts:
It seems like every time we do well it catches us by surprise. We figured that with
the cloud cover and storms that the fish would have fired for everyone. Fortunately for us they
didn't. It was tough getting beat by four one-hundredths of a pound, but thats the way it goes. We
had a good plan, our execution was good, and we ended up with a nice finish. It was a fun day on
the water! Time to look forward to Little Rock.......

See ya' on the flip side,

Frank Leone