"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Vince Miller's Super Team
                     August 16th, 2009
                     Arkansas River - Little Rock Pool

Anglers: Jeremy Risley and Frank Leone
             19th Place - 2 bass - 2.02 pounds

Practice: We didn't practice for this tournament. We both felt that we were so lost that it would take
more than 1 practice day to develop a viable pattern, so we skipped it.

Tournament: This one started off just like my MBOA tournament last weekend - DEAD. We started
in Pool 6. We threw Chug bugs, Tommy Lee, crankbaits, and jig-head Senkos but failed to boat a
keeper. We decided to stick with the original plan and locked to Pool 7 at about 8:00 AM. We
struggled just as bad in Pool 7. About 11:00 AM Jeremy went on a little flurry and caught two 12"
spotted bass in a matter of 10 minutes. That was the only highlight of our day.............

Keeper Count:

Yamamoto Senko on a jighead: 2 keepers

Final Thoughts: The wheels came off for Jeremy and I during this tournament. We were defeated
before we left the ramp. For me personally, this makes 3 brutal weeks in a row. Time for a

See ya' on the flip side,

Frank Leone