"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Vince Miller's Super Team Championship
                     October 3rd and 4th, 2009
                     Greers Ferry Lake

Anglers: Jeremy Risley and Frank Leone
             2nd place - 10 bass - 20.86 pounds - $1,500.00

Practice: As usual, I was running late for our practice day. When I showed up to the Narrows ramp
at 8:00 AM, Jeremy had been waiting for about an hour and was about half asleep. We finally got
out and I picked up Tommy Lee (Reaction Innovations Vixen) and made my first cast. Boom! A good
keeper largemouth eats it!!! After stopping at several points, we hit pay dirt. We found a huge
school of smallmouth and they were chomping. We caught an easy 10-pound plus sack and were
ready for the competition.......


Day 1:
A beautiful fall morning greeted us at the ramp. We were pumped and ready to get to our
school of fish. When our number was called we headed down the lake. The ride was smooth in
Jeremy's BassCat, but it felt like it took an eternity. Within the first two or three casts, Jeremy
hooked up with a keeper spotted bass - IT WAS ON! The next 2 hours we experienced some
awesome topwater action. We had three doubles - It was almost hard to believe how good it was!
Anyway, about 10:00 AM and 14 keepers later our area had kind of cooled off. We had an
awesome bite but lacked the quality we needed to be competitive. We decided to make a move. We
were still chucking Tommy Lee when Jeremy makes an "errant cast" over a bush. As soon as he
moved the bait, a keeper largemouth (our best fish of the day) eats his topwater bait. The fish was  
flouncing in the bush but we were able to get him in the net! A little luck never hurts. We ended up
with 16 keepers on the day. Our best 5 weighed 8.83 pounds and we sat in 3rd place. We both
couldn't believe that we were so high in the standings. We were pumped and confident going into
day 2.......

Day 2: When we got to the ramp we were greeted by rain. The weatherman had predicted rain and
an east wind about 5 -15 mph, but it was still calm at the ramp. That was a good thing because our
primary area was exposed to an east wind and we both thought that it might hurt our bite. Our
number was called and the ride was anything but smooth. When we got south of the narrows, the
wind was blowing out of the east - Uh oh! When we arrived at our spot, a sail boat called "Wild-
eyed love" was sitting on one of our best spots. Are you kidding me - A sail boat? Oh well, we
weren't worried, but the wind was blowing on our spot. We started fishing and didn't get a keeper in
the boat for about 20 minutes. It was a line breaking 12-inch smallie. Had our fish left us? was the
quality gone? We quickly found out that this was not the case. Jeremy hooked up with one and as
soon as I could say "you got him" a big smallie smashed my bait. We were both hooked up and my
fish was stripping drag! Anyway, somehow our lines got crossed and I could see one right at the
side of the boat. I thought the fish was mine and went to boat flip him. The fish was in the boat when
I realized that it was actually Jeremy's!! My fish was still out there and tugging! Anyway, we had a
cluster bomb going on but managed to get my fish in the boat. It was a solid 2.75 pound smallmouth
and we were on our way to getting 5. We went on to catch 16 keepers from our primary area. We
had about 9-pounds in the boat - not enough to put us in contention for the win. About 1:00 PM we
headed towards the narrows and decided to stop at the entrance. The wind was blowing on the
point and it looked great! Within 10-minutes, a fish absolutely smashes Jeremy's Vixen. "It's a giant
smallmouth" Jeremy yelled as the fish jumped out of the water. After several tense moments, we got
the fish in the net. It was an awesome smallie that ended up weighing 3.63 pounds (and got us
$500 for big bass). It made for about a 2-pound cull - things were getting interesting! We continued
fishing and within 5 minutes Jeremy catches a good 2.25 pounder. Another good cull and things
were really interesting now! We just had to hope that both of the top 2 teams stubbed their toes. At
2:45 we headed to the ramp with our fingers crossed........

Keeper Count:

Reaction Innovations Vixen (Bone): 37 keepers

Final Thoughts:
What a weekend! An awesome topwater bite, 2nd place, and big bass to top it off.
This was a great way to end our season after our Little Rock debacle. Can't wait till next year.....

See ya' on the flip side,

Frank Leone