"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Vince Miller's Arkansas Couples
                     March 8th, 2009
                     Lake Ouachita

Anglers: Frank and Erin Leone
             7th place - 5 bass - 11.65 pounds - $300

No practice for this one but I did fish Ouachita the previous 3 weekends


March 8th:
Man what a morning for fishing!! Warm, humid, windy, with a front approaching. Don't
dangle your toes in the water because this is the type of day they like to bite! I was a late entry in
this one and ended up being boat 51 (of 51). Erin couldn't make it because she had a wedding
shower the night before, so I had to go this one alone. After what seemed like eternity, it was time
for boat 51 to leave Crystal. I was pumped to get to my first stop up the Ouachita River. I started
chunking the Jackall MC/60 crankbait on a rocky bank. On my first pass, I caught 4 keepers on the
crank, but two were dinks. I was expecting a little more action given the weather conditions, but the
water had cleared up a little and the big fish didn't seemed to be positioned right. I decided to
switch to a Jewel Eakins' Jig and fish a little deeper. Paydirt!!! They were choking the jig!!! Things
were hot and heavy for the next two hours as I caught 9 more keepers (and 10-15 short fish),
including my biggest fish of the day. Things were looking up, but after several passes on my best
two stretches of bank the jig bite died. It was now getting extremely windy, so I picked up a Jackall
Squad Minnow 115. Caught two or three keeper spotted bass but nothing that would help. I was
working my way back down the Lake and decided it was time to run up the South Fork. I new I
needed two more fish to get in contention, so I ran to a bank Jeremy and I fished last weekend and
started chucking the MC/60 around again. On the first pass I nailed a nice keeper spotted bass that
culled my smallest largemouth. It was only a small cull and I was disappointed that I didn't get more
action on that stretch. About 2:30 (I had to be in at 3:10) I headed to another stretch of bank where
Jeremy and I hammered them on a jerkbait the weekend before. The wind had been pounding on it
all day and it looked perfect. I picked up the Squad Minnow again and bang! A keeper spotted
bass. It didn't help me, but it did fire me up a little. I was close to the end of the stretch when a good
one nailed the Squad Minnow. It was a good three-pounder and it jumped out of the water like
Shamoo a couple of times! I got her in the net and looked at my cell: 2:40! Time for a couple more
casts. Two casts later and another one nails it! It flet like a good one at first, but turned out to be a
foul hooked 14-incher. It didn't help and it was time to go. I hate to leave them biting!!!

Keeper Count:

Jewel Eakins' Jig (7/16 oz.; Brown): 9 keepers
Jackall Squad Minnow 115 (Chartreuse Shad): 6 keepers
Jackall MC/60 (MR; Super Crawfish): 5 keepers

Final Thoughts:

An extremely fun day but I must admit I was a little disappointed with my weight. I felt real confident
that I could catch 13 - 15 pounds running the water that I was in. I am not complaining though, It felt
great to get a check!

See Ya' on the Flip Side,

Frank Leone