"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Mr. Bass of Arkansas
               April 5th, 2009
               Greers Ferry Lake

Anglers: Frank Leone
       29th place - 5 bass - 6.90 pounds

I was on my way to the lake on Saturday Morning when my boat got "rear-ended" in
Conway. Significant damage occurred to my boat and trailer. I had to borrow Terrance's boat and
arrived at the Narrows Inn at 4:00 PM. Not the way I wanted to start this even.........


April 5th:
The weather man was calling for wind so I knew that I would have to "get right" in a hurry.
The front had not yet arrived when we launched and I was pumped to start fishing. I drew Scott
Boatright as my amateur and he was pumped too. We made our way to our first stop and Scott
makes his first cast... "Net" he yells and he boats a nice keeper spotted bass. I knew that Scott was
a "stick" but c'mon! First cast? - Oh well, it was time for me to get mine!!! Not 5-minutes later and I
catch a 3.5 Smallie on the wiggle wart. At this point I was pumped and had "visions of sugar plums"
going through my head. We kept cranking and Scott started wearing me out! He had 4 keepers by
8:00 AM and I only had two!!! About 9:00 AM and the wind storm hits. I mean it meant business. It
wasn't long before Greers turned into an inland sea! Anyway we both kept cranking and had our
limits by around noon. It was brutal in the wind and I don't remember a day when I wanted to get off
the water more..........

Keeper Count:

Wiggle Wart: 6 keepers

Final Thoughts:
Not a bad finish, but when you start off the day with a 3.5 pounder on Greers you
had better make the most of it and I didn't. I am glad that Scott got a check, but I was disappointed
by my performance......

See Ya' on the Flip Side,

Frank Leone