"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Mr. Bass of Arkansas
                    July 19th, 2009
                    Arkansas River (Dumas Pool)

Anglers: Frank Leone
             22nd place - 5 bass - 6.85 pounds

Due to a previous commitment, I didn't make it to Dumas until 1:00 PM on Saturday. That
would give me about two and a half hours for practice. Not enough time against the MBOA bunch. I
was able to locate one bank that was holding fish and would have to pray they would be there
during the tournament.........


July 19th:
The mosquito's were out at Dumas! That's one thing I dread about Dumas - They just
eat me alive before takeoff!!! Anyway, headed to the bank I had found the day before and started
to struggle. It took me about an hour to figure out which bait was going to produce, but I finally
caught my first keeper of the morning at 7:00 AM on an RC 1.5 crank. I started to get some bites
and added another keeper before 8:00 AM. I was relieved that the fish were still there, but I knew
this was going to be an all day grind...And I was right. For the next two hours, I didn't get another
keeper bite. I finally added another keeper black about 10:15 while fishing a jetty. The fish was 16"
and probably didn't weigh a pound and a half - A real "Snake". Anyway, I started to feel good about
catching a limit. My goal for this event was to catch 8-pounds and get a top 25 finish. I figured that if
I could do it, that I probably would be in for the MBOA Classic - even without catching a fish during
the next event at Little Rock. But then things got really tough. I started to bounce around and failed
to put another keeper in the boat during the next three hours. At 1:00 PM, I decided it was time to
go back where I started and try to grind that limit out. Within 15 minutes I put a keeper Kentucky in
the boat on the Jewel Jig. One more to go for 5!!!. Things were starting to look bleak at 2:30, but
shortly thereafter, I had number 5 on - but lost him..... I let my jig sink right back down and he hit it
again and I got him in the boat..... Sweet #5.......

Keeper Count:

Jewel Eakins' Flip N' Jig (3/8 oz; Missouri Craw): 3 keepers
Lucky Craft RC 1.5 (Sexy Chartreuse Shad): 2 keepers

Final Thoughts:

It would be nice to string a couple of nice bites together in an MBOA tournament, but besides that, I
accomplished my goal of a top 25 and my MBOA Classic hopes are looking good...Time to catch a
few at Little Rock!!!

See Ya' on the Flip Side,

Frank Leone