"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Mr. Bass of Arkansas
                  August 9th, 2009
                  Arkansas River (Little Rock)

Anglers: Frank Leone
Place: Last - 0 bass – 0 pounds

Went to Pool 7 on Saturday. Got a there a bit too late (10:00 AM). Did not have a single
bite.....I knew I was in trouble.

August 9th: I decided to stay in Pool 6. I started fishing topwater around jetties and never had a
single blow-up. After the first hour, I hit a straight stretch of rock and started to throw a jig. I had one
bite and one spotted bass follow me to the boat, but that was it. At this point I felt I was in for a very
long day - And I was! I took some advice from my no-boater (Brent) and decided to fish some sand
drops with a rig. We pulled up to a drop and before my rig hit the bottom a fish started running with
my bait. As I got him to the boat, he jumped right over the net. I redirected the fish toward the net
and Brent fell as he was trying to get the fish. I was looking at the fish as he was right over the net
praying Brent would end up getting him - that's when the fish jumped and came off. It was a 2.5
pounder and I knew that might be my only chance to boat a keeper. I fished the rest of the day and
only boated 1 fish - an 11.5-inch Spotted bass..............

Keeper count: ZERO

Final thoughts:
Wow, what a brutal tournament. I have a jig technique that I call the "dink and
dunk" that usually works this time of year on the river. It is usually good for a mixed bag limit of
largemouth and spotted bass. After two weeks in a row of struggling, I have figured out that it just
isn't going to work this year. Although I zeroed, I still made the Mr. Bass of Arkansas Classic as a
boater. That's a good consolation but the last two weeks have been very frustrating,,,,,,,,,

See ya’ on the flip side,

Frank Leone