"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Monticello Bass Club
                     April 4, 2009
                     Pool 2 of Arkansas River

Anglers: Jeremy Risley
Place: 6th - 3 bass – 8.13 pounds

Practice: No Practice for this event!!!

April 4th:
I decided to fish with Andy Case in this event because I just had a little boat work done!!
Derby day began with us running to Coal Pile. I jumped on the trolling motor and within a couple of
minutes, I boat a short fish. Then a few minutes later, I missed a fish and throw right back in there
and caught a 16 inch keeper. After that, the jig bite disappeared!! Andy was able to catch a few on
a Mad Paca. We fished in there till 10:30 and decided to run to Post Lake. When we got in there, it
was Nestle Quik color. We made a couple casts and decided to run to Merrisach. I told Andy, we
needed to fish the back of the pocket that we just pulled up on because I felt they were close to
spawning. Well, almost back to the back of the pocket, Andy hollers for the net. It was a solid four
pounder.  On the other side of the pocket, Andy catches a short and misses another one. So I
turned to him and ask what are you throwing and how are you fishing it. So, I tied on a Mad Paca
and start dragging it. I feel a tap and I set the hook. I fought the fish out from the stumps and all is
left between me and the fish is one small lily pad stem. We all know what happened!! That fish
swam over right to it and pulled off. It was a solid keeper. We noticed they were really tight to
shallow stumps. We idled to another pocket and halfway down it , I get crushed by a nice keeper. I
got that fish in the boat and was pumped. I also switched my set-up to 20 pound fluorocarbon for
more strength to wench those fish out from the stumps.  I was glad I did that because I see a nice
cluster of stumps in the middle of this pocket. I pitch into the heart of the clump and a good one
nailed it. This time I wench the fish to the boat. After that we caught several short fish and missed a
few more. We ran out of time and left them biting.

Keeper count:

NetBait Black Neon Mad Paca: 2 keepers
7/16 Jewel Black and Blue Flash Eakins' Jig: 1 keepers

Final thoughts:
Well, I wish we would had another hour or so. We finally figured them out but just
ran out of time. I would of liked to caught the fish that got wrapped up in the lilly pad stem. That is
how it goes in tournament fishing!! I am just glad I didn’t get my butt kicked by numerous 20 pounds

See ya’ at the next tournament,

Jeremy Risley

Product Review:

Well, I finally get to write about a new lure that I think has A LOT of potential in Arkansas. It is called
the Mad Paca and is made by NetBait Company. It is similar to a Zoom brushhog with a twist. In
addition to everything the brushhog has, the Mad Paca has the signature Paca appendage. Can
you say SWEET!!!! This lure moves a lot of water and can be fished in all water clarities. It can be
fished Texas rig around stumps like we did at Dumas or dragged behind a Carolina rig for deep
fish. Grab a pack of them and give them a shot, I know you won’t regret it!!!