"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Monticello Bass Club
                     October 10, 2009
                     Pool 2 of Arkansas River

Anglers: Jeremy Risley
Place: 1st - 5 bass – 13.05 pounds

Knowing the AOY race was going to come down to the last two tournaments, I started
practicing early for this tournament. I got to practice before and after the Wallace tournament. The
first trip, I got on a decent frog bite but it fell apart quickly. The next trip, Andy caught a few good ones
on a 10 inch worm and we caught several small schooling fish. At that point, we didn’t know we had
stumbled across the key area. The weekend before the tournament, Andy went out and didn’t even
catch a fish so I started to really worry. Also during that weekend, Andy and I both had accidents that
didn’t allow us to use our boats during the tournament. Andy was able to get us a loaner boat!!

Oct 10: That morning, Andy and I were really nervous, not because of the tournament but because
we were using someone else’s boat. We were waiting to take and off and we still hadn’t decided where
we were going to start. Andy, at the last minute, decided to go to Merrisach to see if the fish were still
there that we had found in practice. That was the best decision we made all day!! We got there and
we started throwing buzzbaits. The area had lots of submersed vegetation and the wind was pounding
the bank. Within in 30 minutes, my biggest fish of the day hammered my buzzbait. After a short fight, I
got it in the boat and breathed a sigh of relief!! We continued on and Andy hooked and landed a nice
keeper. We continued to work down the bank. I had a decent swirl at my buzzbait but the fish never
touched it. That hurt a little because I knew it was going to be a tough day. We turned around and
headed back to where we caught our fish earlier. We got to the key area and one hammered my
buzzbait. It got wrapped up in the vegetation and pulled off. That one hurt but we just had to move on.
About 15 minutes later, one blows up on my buzzbait and this time, I water ski it in so it doesn’t wrap
me up. We fished that area again and headed to another area that was similar to the key area. Within
a few minutes, I have a fish blow up but doesn’t get my buzzbait. We continue down the bank and I
miss a couple more fish and hook and land a really solid keeper. We continue working down the bank.
We turn around and head back down the bank. This time, I have a couple swirls but they never touch
my buzzbait. I told Andy, we need to let these fish have a rest. We run over to a rocky bank that was
getting pounded by the wind. It didn’t take long to get a hit on a RC1.5 but it was short. A short time
later, I catch a keeper and a couple casts later I catch my fifth and final keeper of the day. We worked
down the bank and I catch a few more shorts. We go back to our key buzzbait area but we have no
luck. We finished the day working the rocks.  Andy was able to get another keeper in the boat but we
ran out of time before we could get anymore keepers.

Keeper count:

Buckeye Buzzbait (Black): 3 keepers
Lucky Craft RC 1.5 (Copper Perch): 2 keepers

Final thoughts:
What a fun but cold day. The best part of the day was we didn’t tear anything up in
the loaner boat. We were expecting to have to fish slowly all day; however, the weather man was
wrong and we got to power fish all day!!

See ya’ at the next tournament,

Jeremy Risley