"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Fisher’s of Men Arkansas South
                     February 7, 2009
                     Lake Chicot

Anglers: Adam Starks and Philip Starks
Place: 1st Place- 5 fish- 18.16lbs


Dad and I fished a UAM Bass Club fruit jar tournament the weekend before this event to practice for
the first Fishers of Men derby of 2009.  We found fishing to be tough and only managed to land two
keepers for that tournament, one on a Jewel Eakins’jig and the other on a spinnerbait.  Fishing was
tough because those two fish got us third place in that tournament!!!.  I did however manage to get
an idea of where the fish were relating and put a plan together for next Saturday.

February 7:

Tournament day began with high winds.  Not a good sign on the 19 mile long oxbow lake in South
Arkansas.  It usually positions the fish, but getting to them can be an issue.  Dad and I decided we
would start down on the south end of the lake, fishing key areas that we knew always held fish.  Ten
o’clock hit and we hadn’t even got a bite.  I looked at Dad and said it was time to scrap this and go
junk fishing.  We ran back up to the north end of the lake and started hitting some main lake points
that led to spawning areas.  I break the ice and catch a nonkeeper on a Jewel Eakins’ jig.  We move
down the point and I tie into a toad.  I holler at dad to get the net.  We land the 6.79lb big fish of the
tournament at 10:30.  Finally the monkey is off our back with a keeper in the boat and not to
mention a kicker fish at that.  We fish up and down that point but couldn’t come up with another
bite.  We then decided to run to a well know area on the lake called the “gravel pit” and take our
chances fishing in a crowd because we knew there were fish in there.  We arrive and start the
merry-go-round process.  Dad misses a good one on the jig.  We move around and watch another
boat land a 4-pounder where dad just missed the good one.  Dad then hangs another keeper on
the jig and we get this one in the boat.  Noon and only two keepers!!  Not looking good for the
home team but proud to have them none the less.  We keep up the merry-go-round process and I  
hook up with our third keeper of the day on the jig.  We fish around in the gravel pit a little longer
but boats kept piling in.  We decided we needed to go hit that point where the big fish came from
again.  We pull up on it and dad catches a small fish.  Then we move over to another point.  I make
a long cast down the edge of the point and hang our fourth keeper on the Jewel Eakins' jig.  Time
was running short and I felt if we could get one more keeper we could get a check.  We ran back to
the gravel pit thinking it might have cleared out a little bit by now.  We were wrong but managed to
weave our way back into another area where there was a little less pressure.  Dad then hooks up
with our fifth keeper on a Texas-rigged smoke red Mizmo tube.

Keeper Count:

7/16 Ounce Black/Blue Jewel Eakins’ Jig: 3 Keepers
3/8 Ounce Black/Blue Jewel Eakins’ Finesse Flipping Jig: 1 keeper
Smoke Red Mizmo Tube:  1 Keeper

Final Thoughts:

I can’t believe we won!  What a way to start out the season.  Decision making is crucial in fishing
tournaments and the decision to abandon our pattern on the south end of the lake paid off.  The
thing to remember is to stay positive and keep after them.  We didn’t have a bite until 10:30 and
landed our last keeper at 2:15.  I hope we can ride this momentum into the National Championship
on the Red River in March.  Until next time….

Fish Hard,

Adam Starks