"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
In The Boat presented by Jewel Bait Company

by Terrance Narveson
Wal-Mart BFL - 03/21/09

After winning my boat last year at the BFL Regional I felt it was time to
step up to the other side. This was my first Tournament as a Boater and I
big change.

I got to practice the Sunday prior to the tournament and with scattered
bites up the river and mid lake I decided on tournament day I would go up to
the 27 bridge and try my luck. There were a bunch of fish up there and it
was the place I was most familiar with.

Tournament Day:
I got to the bridge and my second cast yielded a small fish. The jitters
were over and I had broke the ice quick. My biggest fear was to come out and not catch
anything. As Bill Smith and I made our way up the bank I was throwing the Jackall Muscle 7+
in Crawfish color. There were so many little fish eating it I was not sure I was going to end up
with a keeper. At about 8:20 I had my first keeper a small 13" swimmer. 30 minutes later I put
a nice 2+lb kentucky in the boat for number 2 and just up the bank from him I put about a 2lb
black in the boat. Things were looking good and the bigger fish started to bite. Well we didn't
catch another fish down that bank again. I stopped crankin and started flippin my Eakins Jig to
see if that would entice any bites but we never got a reaction with the jigs. I moved into the
marina pocket because there had been a bunch of shad and few fish that were moving in with
the warmer water the week before. After the week of warm weather I figured there would be
some bigger fish moving up on the shallow flats in the back but I was only able to catch 2 real
small fish in the pocket.  I gave it another shot on the bluff wall and moved to muddy creek to
try the same thing but never got a bite again. It was time to move and time was ticking. I ran
down to south fork in a couple of pockets and then the sun popped out for about 15 minutes
and like a light switch Bill caught a fish that was just short and I caught two keepers on back
to back casts with my Jewel Eakins jig (Brown with a paca chunk trailer) . One was just shy of
2lbs and the other just measured. After a couple more moves in the south fork area it was time
to head in. I was proud to make it through my first tournament with a limit just not real proud
of the weight.

End of the day results:

Muscle 7+ -- 3 keepers
Eakins Jig -- 2 keepers

I did get to use my new Dobyns rods that just came out and my first words
are WOW!!! Because the bite was so funky on my jig today I know for a fact that I would have
never felt or caught the fish I did on my other rods. I
was throwing the 683c medium heavy rod and the things I felt were
incredible. In fact a few of the smaller fish I caught were hitting it when
it fell off a rock ledge and I felt them bite it with slack line. This was a
whole new experience for me and I am going to buy a couple more of these
rods because there is no telling what I have been missing on my other rigs.
I was throwing their new glass cranking rod and that was an even better
treat. The glass rod is virtually weightless and still has the limber action
to throw a mile and load up a fish when it bites. There is no stress from
cranking all day and when you need it the back bone is there to show your
catch who is in charge. These have just hit the stores and I highly
recommend you take a look and see Im talking about.

See you at the next Tournament