"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Angler: Terrance Narveson
Tournament: 05/08/09 - Wal-Mart BFL on Greers Ferry Lake

Practice for BFL on Greers
I got to go last weekend in th monsoon rain storm and it was really good practice despite the
weather. I fished with Chad Harlen and we started around Devils Fork throwing topwaters and it did
not take long to catch my first keeper. I started throwing the new Jackall Bowstick around the
partially flooded bushes and with its ability to walk virtually in one place the fish would come up and
just crush it. I caught two more keepers on this before changing to a buzzbait. The buzzbait
produced a few small fish and then I threw the flick shake on a weightless hook. Again I was
catching small fish with 1 keeper on the flick shake. We move into Higden Bay and started throwing
spinnerbaits. We were having fish chase our spinnerbiats out of the water over branches but were
only able to catch 3 keepers. I started chunking my carolina rig off a point in Higden and quickly
caught a nice keeper. The storms picked up and the wind was getting stronger so we moved to the
Cove creek area. Again the carolina rig was the ticket. A quick stop on a point with a good ledge
and the small mouth bite was on big time. We were catching 1.5 - 2 lb smallies on almost every
cast. It was awesome!! After that we decided that it was time to head in and dry off. Not to bad for a
pracitce. I had three really good places with fish on them. I was just not sure how the rising water
was going to affect what I found.

Tournament day
I drove up the morning of the tournamnet in the rain storms konwing all the way up there the water
had risen about 8ft from last weekend. I was trying to figure in my head the places where I caught
the fish and just how to approach them. It was takeoff time and the rain had stopped so at least we
were dry for the morning run. My first stop was the cove creek area and I started with a Jackall
Mikey swimbait, buzzbait, Jackall Bowstick, a Jackall Swimming NInja and Jewel Eakins Jig.
Everything I had fished looked different and I had a little trouble getting my bearing on where I
wanted to be. I was in and out of the brush throwing everything. About an hour into it I caught my
first fish a non keeper on the bowstick. There were fish breaking around and occasionally they were
close enough to cast at. Finally I saw one chasing shad around and bombed a cast out to him.
Three twitches later he ate the bow stick and made run into the brush. I was hung up with a big
black and had no way to get him out. Finally broke it off with disappointment and I tied on another. I
remembered a rocky bank before the flood and pulled out my Eakins jig and caught a short. Next
flip was a keeper and as I was fighting him he shook off. I made a short run to my smallmouth spot
and Bang I had my first keeper on my Lake Fork Tackle ring fry. It was small but it will work. With a
few more casts and positioning I found the sweet spot and all I could catch were small fish.
Eventually I caught another small keeper. It was 11 and I ran back toward the ramp and hit a
deeper bank where again all I could catch were small fish on Mikey, Flukes and my jig. Moved
across the cove to a point and started dragging a rig and more small fish.My last run back close to
the ramp and it was a small cove just off the main lake. There were some submerged picnic areas
and the fish were loaded up. I ended up catching three keeper smallmouth culling a smaller one
and I missed one other good one. Time to come in and I had 4 small keeper smallmouth for 4lbs. It
was a little disappointing but I did catch a bunch of fish on everything I threw. I look forward to a
more local tournament on Dardanelle where the bite should be on big time.

Total fish count:
4-keepers Carolina rig Lake Fork Tackle Ring Fry
4- non-keepers on Jackall Mikey
5-non keepers on Jackall Bowstick
2-nonkeepers on Jewel Eakins' jig (Brown).
2-nonkeepers on Zoom Fluke