"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Wal-Mart BFL
                  June 13, 2009
                  Lake Dardanelle

Angler: Terrance Narveson

I drew Dakota Lucy on a Boater/Boater draw so we got to share water and a
boat for the day. We went out from the state park and hit a bank I had been
catching a few keepers on in the grass. We made our way down the grass and
he caught the first fish on a jig a good keeper. I jumped up front and
caught a short fish not too long after that. We tried turning around and
hitting the grass again but did not get any more keepers. A short move
toward some rocks and after beating that area down we moved to another place
I had in mind. We slowly picked our way down the bank and I started throwing
a Jackall Cover Craw in the grasss to change things up and it was producing
small fish. Then I finally caught my first keeper and we both had one in the
box. It seemed like a slow grind to get bites after this and we went to a
lot of different areas hitting rocks and grass as our main areas. As slow as
the bite was it seemed more like begging the fish to bite then fishing. With
the last hour and a half we went back to the starting point and tried to dig
out one or two fish last minute. I was able to hook another one on a Cover
Craw but was unable to get him to the boat. I really think this was my
second keeper but the grass kept me from seeing him well.
I finished 76th for the day with my one fish and it was not the way I had
hoped to have my tournament go on home water. I guess I will have to put my
thinking hat on for the Super Tournament in September.

Fish Count
4 Short fish swimming a jig on my Dobyns 765 Flip Rod (Love this thing,
Really gets the fish out of slop fast)
5 short fish on Jackall Cover Craw 4" on a Dobyns 735 rod
1 Keeper on the same set up.

I will see you on the water.