"In the Boat" presented by Jewel Bait Company
Tournament: Winter Bass-o-thon
Bull Shoals Lake
Anglers: David and Carl Wooten - 5 bass - 15.87 pounds (7th place)

Me and Dad fished the last tournament of the series together and had not been on Bull since the
last Bass-o-thon tournament.  We planned on going out to pre-fish allot but the ice storm hit and we
had no power from 1/26-02/05. I was not sure if we would have power before the tournament and
the batteries were charged up. If we pre-fished and  ran the batteries down I would have no way of
recharging them so we decided to just rely on my log book and try some of the places we have
done well on in the past for this time of year.

We payed at the ramp and were boat 29 out of 42 so we were in the 2nd flight. Our number was
called and I ran us all the way to big creek to start our day. The water temps there were 43 which
was 2 degrees cooler than the lower end of the lake. The water had just a slight stain and I started
out with the Jerkbait while dad threw his trusty Jewel Eakins' jig behind me.  Our first pass was a
dud and we moved on to a cove back out of the creek. I decided to switch over to a crankbait while
dad picked up my jerkbait. On his first cast he catches a non-keeper. I moved on around the point
and started down the cove when a good fish locks up on my crankbait. I call for the net and dad
gets ready, The fish comes up toward the net and makes a tail dance and off it comes! Right over
the net and back into the water. I'm just stunned at what happened and ask dad what
the hell was that? Good net job! His reply "the sun was in my eyes" I reply, "nice one dad it's
cloudy"!  So we lose a 2.5 pound black in the net to start our day, Not good.I fished on around and
no more bites so we crank up and move to the next cove. I decided to pick up my football jig and
fish down the bank since I have caught big fish here in the past on the football jig including a
6.55 back in 06' during a MoArk tournament and I had not fished this spot since. We get down to
were the stumps start and I feel  my jig bump into a stump. I pull it a little then Thump and I set the
hook. I could tell it was a real good fish so I call for the net and tell dad this is a big fish. As always
dad being the pessimist says "probably a drum" I say no she's coming up and then that big head
starts thrashing. It didn't take long until she was in the net. I was thinking she was a solid 5 and that
was a real good start since it was still early. We continued to fish down the cove and decided to
make one more pass before leaving and it payed off as I boated our second keeper. A nice
smallmouth about 2.5 pounds which hit out a bit deeper around 20'. We headed to little cedar after
that to fish some brush and it didn't take long until dad had number 3, it was a dink Kentucky
around 13" but I was not complaining. We decided to run up to lead hill and try some of our brush
piles there and just fish as if we were out practicing. From there, we could work our way back down.
We started in one of my favorite coves and worked our way about half way down when dad sets the
hook on a nice Kentucky that hit out under the boat about 30' deep. We had our 4th keeper and it
was another nice 2.5 pounder! I started working my jig threw some brush when I felt a slight tick and
the line go limp. I reeled down and set the hook but could barely move it. I called for the net and
knew this one was another big fish. It came up and was not as big as I thought but
was still a solid 3.5 pounder. Now we had a limit at 10:30 but really needed to cull that little
Kentucky, The good black we lost at the net was really starting to burn now. We worked our way
back down the lake fishing seed tick,Buck,125 and sugar camp with no more bites. It was going on
1:00 and we decided to just keep moving down the lake. We would just fish our best areas in these
places and move on. We ended up in Noal creek toward the end of the day and still had not caught
another keeper at 2:30. I was thinking we are going to have to weigh that little Kentucky for sure
and we would have no chance at placing with him. We decided to switch over to the crankbait and
fish a bank were the wind was hitting pretty good. We  didn't get far until dad hooks up with a nice
2.5 lb. black and we get him in. I pull out the little Kentucky and thank him for taking our bait before
releasing him. I knew then we had over 15 pounds and stood a good chance at getting in the
money. Our 5 weighed in at 15.87 but  placed us in 7th which was the first place out of the money.
Also our big fish only weighed 4.87 and was not even close to big bass which was 6.02.

Final Thoughts:
I was still very happy with our day even if we didn't place. We just went out and put together a solid
limit and ended up in the top 20 so we could fish in the final which is next weekend on Norfork. After
our bad start in the first 2 tournaments I was wondering if there was any way we could possibly
make a come back and get into the top 20. We had a limit each tournament and executed well all

7' G Loomis rod, 10lb seagaur, Jewel 3/8oz Eakins jig and 5/8 oz football jig both tipped with Eakins' craw.
7' G loomis rod, 8lb seaguar, old style storm wiggle wart SW-38

3/8 jig= 2 keeper weighed (3.5 pounder+2.5 Kentucky) 1 cull
5/8 jig= 2 keeper weighed (4.87 pounder+2.5 smallmouth)
wart= 1 keeper weighed (2.5 pound black)+ 1 lost at net.